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Important: Before application, always test any cleaning product on an
inconspicuous area first for any reactions to finishes.

Multi Purpose Cleaner
Ready-to-use multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser. Clean up your trailer and wheels in no time! Very tough on oils and grease. Use in and around the house, office, garage, or anywhere dirt, grease and …read more


No Streak
No Streak – Ready to use glass and plexiglass cleaner. Excellent for windows, mirrors, chrome, stainless steel, laminated tops, display cases and windshields. Dries quickly without streaks! …read more


S-12 -Carpet, upholstery and fabric spot-remover. Removes grass stains, oil, grease stains and even pet stains from carpets. Non-flammable, colorless and free of chlorinated hydrocarbons. …read more


Bio-Zyme – Liquid, live bacteria live-well cleaner and maintenance product. Spray it in the live-well and rinse it out. Leaves a clean smell and kills bacteria. These products have the seal …read more


Restore Boat Polish
Restore Boat Polish – A light spray every time or every other time your boat leaves the water and the water spots disappear like magic. Works well on your car, truck, trailer and tires also. …read more


Wonderfoam – Lightly spray on hard water deposits (lower units on motors, etc.), wait 10 seconds, and rinse off. Deposits wipe off with no effort! Follow with a protective coat of RESTORE-BOAT POLI …read more


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